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G-ticket provides a full range of tickets, labels and tags for the parking industry, the world of entertainment, theatre, recreation centers, transit, ski resorts, golf courses, fire extinguishers services and hotels

Tickets for Point of sale Printer. Thermal paper and synthetic thermal material, with or without adhesive back printed to customer's needs and colors. Tear-offs perforation, fanfold or roll packaged, G-Ticket provides solutions to meet your needs for large and small quantities.


billets stationnement


Standards and customized tickets for all ticket-issuing-machines, valet service, mirror hanger needed in the parking industry

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billets admission


Custom printed tickets stock for thermal printers used in the entertainment industry and recreation centers. Also,
G-ticket provides pre-printed tickets service to smaller event organizers who need tickets ready to distribute.

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billets extincteur

Fire extinguisher

G-ticket provide tags and labels for your fire extinguisher maintenance services.

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billets ski

Ski and Golf

Custom designed ski tickets on thermal paper and synthetic thermal material with or without adhesive back, printed to customer's needs and colors, manufactured according to your ticketing system specifications. 

We offer tickets, labels and tags for green fees, equipment rentals, tournaments, raffles, driving range, special events, coat check, parking and more.

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Coupons and tags

G-ticket provides hotel products such as beverage and raffle coupons, baggage control tags, coat check tickets and parking tags & tickets.

Bagage control
Coat check tickets

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